To identity myself through simple icons and shapes, and to present my personality, my creative vision and personal image to people.
This is a stop motion combines motion design with analogue method of printmaking. As a designer, when creating a logo for myself, the first thing to think of is what I really like about design; what tools, what methods, what feelings, and why.
I love making things and enjoy the building process. I am fascinated by the warmth of handmade works and analogue design methods, such as printmaking. I start to think about the letterpress method - "movable" type is composed and locked into the bed of a press, inked, and pressed against paper to transfer the ink from the type. Just like the object stop motion, we move the object incrementally, take photos, and then edit the photos. How it would be if applying the stop motion concept to the letterpress printing? I create my logo, playing with shapes and combining motion design with letterpress printing.
Style Reference
Explorations of the letterpress machine and the blocks to us
Letter: I use different types and fonts, and adjust kernings to create dynamics.
I want to keep the charm of the letterpress so it is very important that I play around letters "ANNA". In letterpress, I have limited letter blocks to utilize. By using different types and fonts, I am able to have more size choices. In each size, I change the kernings which allows me to create a more dynamic movement. 
Shape: I create the shape blocks that fit the machine.
I want to use triangle because of the letter A in Anna. I want to use circle as a main element because it represents me as a well-rounded, and mellow person. Also, the circle balances the sharp angles in "ANNA". I can only find very small circles and can't find any triangles. So I created different sizes of triangle and circle blocks that fit the machine by using laser cut.
Tests, color mixing, frame by frame prints

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