Agency: AKQA, 2015
Client: Jordan
Role: Designer / Creative Technologist
Credits: David Ruiz(Art Director), Sarah Weaver(Creative Technologist)
A brief from the Jordan team at AKQA.
The difference between Jordan and any other athletes was his mindset. He had the ability to stay focused in any situation, no matter how much pressure there was. so we had an idea to create an experience that tests athletes under pressure to see if they had the mindset of a champion.
Champions Mindset
It is an experience where you must calm your mind and focus like you would have to during a free throw shot. Using neurosky EEG technology and Three.js, I’ve created a visualization where the graphics react to your brainwaves. The experience starts out with crazy graphics that visualize your brain when you are not focused. But the more you focus, the more the distractions fade away. In reality, this experience would be set up with a basketball hoop in the center. the goal is get the rectangles to recede into the center and lock into place around the hoop and then, take the shot.
Rethink & Reframe
We tested with bunch of people and I saw some of them, including me, were frustrated by not being able to fully focus, it’s not easy. I started to think, how can you improve your focus? In a way that is not so intense, and more... fun? To response these user frustrations and feedback, I created FOCO. It is a game meant to help people learn how to focus better, gradually. In FOCO, people can control the gaming element with their brain, with their focus.
I was inspired by monument valley which uses simple geometric shapes and different dimension to create a pleasant user experience. Also, simplicity is very important in FOCO because I don’t want to distract people too much. What monument valley also inspires me is the floating feeling and different camera perspectives which creates a fantasy world. 

Three.js allows me to create the gaming world people can actually interact with. The color, cube and background movement and the selection of sound also need to fit to this light and smoothing aesthetic; they are very subtle but are enhancing the whole atmosphere.
Along with Champions Mindset, I presented FOCO and live demoed it in AKQA whole company meeting which opened a lot of conversations and discussions.

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