021: monitoring dashboard
022: search
This is a simple search bar.
023: on boarding
The idea is an app that makes your phone as a remote controller for netflix, vimeo, youtube....etc.
024: boarding pass
I met some difficulties in creating this boarding pass. I try to do some research about paper boarding pass and digital one. The information they each includes is very different. Paper one has a lot yet the digital one has very little. I'm struggling how much information to include. 
025: TV app + 044: Favorite
026: subscribe
I think about a zodiac sign horoscope site that people can subscribe. I was inspired by StarWars. The art direction is universe. To add a touch of mysterious, I use glow and circle lines.
027: dropdown
Try to think about how a dropdown can enhance a better user experience. This dropdown is for user signing in. User can quickly sign in without opening another sign-in page or entering info in a modal.
028: contact
Play around the layout and use shadow to indicate the different time zone in different offices. I picture this company is more towards to design and technology industry.
030: pricing
This is an app for finding/renting apartment near you. Inspired by yelp.

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