The goal of the project is to build an augmented reality mobile app that workers in an automotive plant can use to document defects and mistakes during the production process. Workers can set markers while taking a video of the defect. Using an augmented reality toolkit, these markers stay in the same position on the recorded surface even if the worker changes the position and angle of the camera.
User Stories & User Flow
Worker in a manufacturing line
I notice that the engine cover I’m about to put on a car has a scratch. I want to quickly document the problem, before the car is fully assembled and it becomes a hassle to get to the part and repair it. I can’t stop the manufacturing line, because that would delay other cars. So I take out my smartphone, open the defect AR app and take a video of the defect. I can mark the defect in the video stream with a marker and speak during the video to record a message. While panning around the defect with my phone, the marker stays in the same position. Markers can be crosses, circles, or boxes. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds. Someone else will then be able to do the repair for me and I can get on with my work.

Device used: Phone
Line supervisor
I want to be notified off defects immediately, so I can arrange repairs and keep costs for disassembly low. When a worker documents a defect, I want to know the order number of the car, see the location of the defect and delegate repairs to a repair technician. I can forward the defect to the right worker by selecting him or her from a list in the app.

Device used: Tablet, Computer​​​​​​​
Repair technician
I want to be notified of necessary repairs. I want to be able to find the right car quickly in the assembly line by following its location and the order number. It helps me to get a short description of the defect. Sometimes I open the recorded video, if the description is unclear. There is a contact button in the app in case I have further questions.

Device used: Phone
Manufacturing engineer
I want to see an aggregated view of all reported defects on my car, so I can work out improvements in the manufacturing process. I want to see locations of defects on a virtual model of the car, and click on them to see detailed descriptions and a video.

Device use: Tablet, computer
UI Design

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