Hello! I'm Anna, a curious designer originally from Taiwan. I do illustrations, motion design, and user interface design. Feel free to contact me at annajunganlin@gmail.com

As a designer, I was inspired by everyday life. I run and walk around the city, explore different neighborhoods, and take street snaps. I enjoy beautiful interior design and architectures, and I love roam around furniture stores. I love music and often go to gigs and jazz bars. I am a foodie, I try new restaurants, and I go to food&tech meet-up regularly, learning what is happening in the food industry. I collect brands, from fragrance to cider. I drink coffee and make coffee. I travel around and meet new people. I stayed in different cities, 1 year in San Francisco, and 3 years in New York, and then what's next? I am interested in smart home products, IoT project that connects physical and digital products, or things in physical space such as kiosk interface design, display and visual design in retail space, buildings, events, and exhibitions.
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